CURRICULUM GUIDE

Associate in Applied Arts Degree

Curriculum Code: 0278  (Effective Fall 2003 - Summer 2008)

Theatre at LCC is designed to provide students as many opportunities to
perform as possible and to focus students towards transfer to a four-year
institution.  A theatre major is part of a learning community:  students take
classes concurrently and work with the same group of students for two years.
The theatre program concentrates on improvisation: Stanislavski method of
script analysis and motivation, analysis of Shakespearean text, and individual
and collaborative creativity.  Graduation is dependent on successful partici-
pation in a minimum of four productions.  Not all courses in this program
transfer to all colleges.  Students planning to transfer should see an
academic advisor or counselor before enrolling in any course.

Students should see Course Descriptions or Course Offerings for course
prerequisite information.  See the Assessment and Placement Testing section
for skills assessment and advising information.

Contact the Humanities and Performing Arts Department, Arts and Sciences
Building, Room 255, telephone number (517) 483-1018.

REQUIREMENTS (See Note 1)                                    TOTAL: 57 CREDITS
CODE        TITLE                                                 CREDIT HOURS
ARTS 102    Design & Communication                                           3
DANC 103    Beginning Jazz                                                   2
MUSC 182    Class Voice I                                                    2
PHYS 120    The Art of Physics                                               4
THEA 110    Introduction to Theatre                                          3
THEA 114    Intro to Technical Theatre                                       3
THEA 120    Introduction to Acting                                           2
THEA 131    Studio Theatre Performance I                                     1
THEA 132    Studio Theatre Performance II                                    1
THEA 141    Acting I - Contemporary                                        2.5
THEA 143    Stage Voice for the Actor                                        3
THEA 171    Dramatic Form and Function I                                     3
THEA 173    Movement for the Actor                                           2
THEA 181    Improvisation                                                  2.5
THEA 210    Theatre History                                                  4
THEA 233    Studio Theatre Performance III                                   1
THEA 235    Studio Theatre Performance IV                                    2
THEA 240    Acting II - Classics                                           2.5
THEA 241    Acting III: Acting Styles                                      2.5
THEA 260    Dramatic Form and Function II                                    3
THEA 271    Dramatic Form and Function III                                   3
THEA 283    Audition Workshop                                                1
WRIT 121    Composition I                                                    4

LIMITED CHOICE REQUIREMENTS (See Note 2)                    TOTAL: 7-8 CREDITS
Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.

CHOICE 1:   General Education Core Areas                           3-4 Credits
(See General Education Core Requirements for information on how to fulfill
these requirements.  Core area proficiency exams, where appropriate, are
available for each core area.)
            Communication Core Area (See Note 3)                             0
            Global Perspectives and Diversity Core Area (See Note 4)         0
            Mathematics Core Area                                          3-4
            Science Core Area (See Note 3)                                   0
            Writing Core Area (See Note 3)                                   0

CHOICE 2:   Global Perspectives and Diversity                        4 Credits
HUMS 160    Mythology                                                        4
HUMS 211    History of Art I                                                 4
HUMS 212    History of Art II                                                4
HUMS 213    World Civilizations I                                            4
HUMS 214    World Civilizations II                                           4
MUSC 241    World Music History II                                           4

            MINIMUM TOTAL                                                   64

1.    Students must consult a Theatre Program advisor prior to declaring a
      theatre major.  Most required theatre courses are offered in a sequenced
      studio format, and students must obtain program approval to enroll.
2.    It is strongly recommended that students intending to transfer to four-
      year institutions meet additional course requirements as outlined in the
      MACRAO Transfer Agreement (see "Transfer Information").  Students should
      also consult appropriate Transfer Guides for specific four-year programs
      (available from Couseling and Advising).
3.    Students completing "REQUIREMENTS" have fulfilled the requirements for
      this Core area.
4.    Students completing CHOICE 2 have fulfilled the requirements for this
      Core area.

Students should see course descriptions to find out when departments plan to
offer courses.  Students who for any reason are unable to follow the course
sequence suggested below (for example, those who are part-time, have trans-
ferred in courses from another school, or have prerequisites to fulfill)
should contact an academic advisor or counselor for help with adjustments.

      I                 II                III               IV
      MUSC 182          THEA 114          DANC 103          ARTS 102
      THEA 110          THEA 132          THEA 210          PHYS 120
      THEA 120          THEA 143          THEA 233          THEA 235
      THEA 131          THEA 173          THEA 240          THEA 241
      THEA 141          THEA 181          THEA 260          THEA 271
      THEA 171          Lim. Ch. 1        Lim. Ch. 2        THEA 283
      WRIT 121