CURRICULAR GUIDE

Computer Graphics, Web Design
Associate in Applied Arts Degree

Curriculum Code: 0914  (Effective Fall 2001 - Summer 2006)

A Web designer combines type, graphics, animation, sound, and programming to
create a complete experience for the Web visitor. The Web designer should have
a basic fluency in all aspects of site development and must learn to balance
content and quality concerns with those of e-commerce. The Web designer can write
code and create graphics, develop and organize content, build the structure of
the site, and assist with interface issues. Web design is a cooperative process,
and the designer may work with interface designers, marketing professionals,
engineers, and computer technicians. Not all courses in this program transfer to
all colleges.  Students planning to transfer should see an academic advisor or
counselor before enrolling in any course.
Students should see the "Course Descriptions" section of this catalog or the
Course Schedule for course prerequisite information.  Basic skills assessment and
advising information may be found on page 8 of this catalog.

General education is an important part of this program and includes a mathematics
competency requirement. To fulfill the mathematics competency requirement,
students may need to complete specific course work in mathematics.  For
information on how to fulfill all general education requirements, see page 23.

Contact the Art, Design and Multimedia Program, Academic and Office Facility,
Room 314, telephone number (517) 483-1476.

REQUIREMENTS                                                 TOTAL: 61 CREDITS
CODE        TITLE                                                 CREDIT HOURS
ARTS 102    2-Dimensional Design                                             3
ARTS 131    Drawing I                                                        3
ARTS 132    Life Drawing                                                     3
ARTS 151    Computer Graphics/Illustration                                   3
ARTS 171    Computer Graphics/Photography                                    3
ARTS 173    Computer Graphics/Web Design                                     2
ARTS 216    Humorous Illustration I                                          3
ARTS 228    Advanced Digital Imaging                                         3
ARTS 232    Comp Graphics/2-D Animation                                      4
ARTS 233    Comp Graphics/2-D Interactive                                    4
ARTS 236    Computer Graphics/Production                                     3
ARTS 269    The Portfolio (See Note 2)                                       2
ARTS 281    Art Internship                                                   3
CISB 102    Internet Literacy                                                3
CISB 119    Intro Window Prog Visual BASIC                                   4
CISB 136    SQL: Structured Query Language                                   2
CISB 200    Info Sys Tech/Problem Solving                                    3
CISB 203    Developing Pages for the Web                                     3
CISB 204    Commercial Internet Site Mgmt                                    3
CISB 253    WWW Interactive Programming                                      4

LIMITED CHOICE REQUIREMENTS                                   TOTAL: 9 CREDITS
Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.

CHOICE 1:   General Education Core Areas                             9 Credits
(See the GENERAL EDUCATION section above)
            Writing Core Area                                                3
            Speech Communication Core Area                                   3
            Science/Technology Core Area (See Note 3)                        0
            Global Perspectives and Diversity Core Area                      3
            Mathematics Competency (See page 23 for information on
            how to fulfill this requirement. Course work may be needed.)

            MINIMUM TOTAL                                                   70

1.    It is recommended that all students entering this curriculum have computer
      experience in both Windows NT and Macintosh Operating Systems. This
      experience may come from life or work experience, or other studies, as
      well as CABS 100 Seminars - Introduction to the Macintosh and Introduction
      to Windows NT. Students should make an appointment with a Program Advisor
      in the Art, Design and Multimedia Program if they are not sure about their
      computer skill level.
2.    The Portfolio is considered to be the final course in this curriculum. All
      courses must be completed or be taken concurrently with ARTS 269.
3.    Students completing "REQUIREMENTS" have fulfilled the requirements for
      this Core area.
4.    The LCC Computer Graphics Advisory Committee recommends that students in
      this curriculum also take MKTG 140 - Introduction to Advertising or MKTG
      210 - Marketing for the Internet.

Students should see course descriptions to find out when departments plan to
offer courses.  Students who for any reason are unable to follow the course
sequence suggested below (for example, those who are part-time, have transferred
in courses from another school, or have prerequisites to fulfill) should contact
an academic advisor or counselor for help with adjustments.

I                 II                III               IV
ARTS 102          ARTS 132          ARTS 173          ARTS 228
ARTS 131          ARTS 151          ARTS 232          ARTS 233
CISB 102          ARTS 171          CISB 136          CISB 204
CISB 119          ARTS 216          CISB 203          CISB 253
CISB 200                            Lim.Ch.

ARTS 236
ARTS 269
ARTS 281