CURRICULAR GUIDE

MOUS Master Certification Prep
Certificate of Completion

Curriculum Code: 0841  (Effective Fall 2001 - Summer 2006)
This certificate will prepare students for the Microsoft Office User Specialist
exam.  A comprehensive Master Certification exam is available from Microsoft for
those who wish to demonstrate the breadth of their ability by obtaining expert
certifications on Word and Excel, and core certifications in PowerPoint, Access,
and Outlook.
Students should see the "Course Descriptions" section of this catalog or the
Course Schedule for course prerequisite information.  Basic skills assessment and
advising information may be found on page 8 of this catalog.

Contact the Business Careers Department, Old Central Building, Room 210,
telephone number (517) 483-1522.

REQUIREMENTS                                                TOTAL:  14 CREDITS
CODE        TITLE                                                 CREDIT HOURS
CABS 119    Word for Windows                                                 2
CABS 126    Excel                                                            2
CABS 129    Excel-Advanced                                                   2
CABS 133    Microsoft Access Database                                        2
CABS 179    Microsoft Outlook                                                2
CABS 182    Microsoft PowerPoint/Windows                                     2
CABS 219    Advanced Microsoft Word                                          2
            MINIMUM TOTAL                                                   14

1.    Students must complete these courses with a minimum grade of 2.0 to
      receive this certificate of completion.
2.    This curriculum may be completed through the Virtual College via the

Students should see course descriptions to find out when departments plan to
offer courses.  Students who for any reason are unable to follow the course
sequence suggested below (for example, those who are part-time, have transferred
in courses from another school, or have prerequisites to fulfill) should contact
an academic advisor or counselor for help with adjustments.
CABS 119
CABS 126
CABS 129
CABS 133
CABS 179
CABS 182
CABS 219