CURRICULAR GUIDE

International Business
Associate in Business Degree

Curriculum Code: 0240  (Effective Fall 2001 - Summer 2006)

International business managers plan, organize, and control projects from
start to finish for businesses and organizations with international
connections.  They help their company achieve its goals in differing cultural
and governmental situations.  Graduates of this program may work for a variety
of organizations and businesses, both in this hemisphere and overseas. 
Knowledge of a foreign language and a technical or business specialty
increases one's employability.  Not all courses in this program transfer to
all colleges.  Students planning to transfer should see an academic advisor or
counselor before enrolling in any course.

Students should see the "Course Descriptions" section of this catalog or the
Course Schedule for course prerequisite information.  Basic skills assessment
and advising information may be found on page 8 of this catalog.

General education is an important part of this program and includes a
mathematics competency requirement.  To fulfill the mathematics competency
requirement, students may need to complete specific course work in
mathematics.  For information on how to fulfill all general education
requirements, see page 23.

Contact the Business Careers Department, Old Central Building, Room 210,
telephone number (517) 483-1522.

REQUIREMENTS                                                 TOTAL: 34 CREDITS
CODE        TITLE                                                 CREDIT HOURS
ACCG 210    Principles of Accounting I                                       4
BUSN 118    Introduction to Business                                         3
BUSN 201    International Business                                           3
CISB 100    Intro Computer Info Systems                                      3
CISB 200    Info Sys Tech/Problem Solving                                    3
ECON 201    Principles of Economics-Micro                                    3
ECON 202    Principles of Economics-Macro                                    3
MGMT 234    Diversity in the Workplace                                       3
MKTG 119    Mktg/Manage Your Profess Image                                   3
MKTG 200    Principles of Marketing                                          3
SPCH 110    Oral Communic in the Workplace                                   3

LIMITED CHOICE REQUIREMENTS                                  TOTAL: 26 CREDITS
Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.

CHOICE 1:   General Education Core Areas                             3 Credits
(See the "GENERAL EDUCATION" section above)
            Writing Core Area                                                3
            Speech Communication Core Area (See Note 1)                      0
            Science/Technology Core Area (See Note 1)                        0
            Global Perspectives and Diversity Core Area (See Note 1)         0
            Mathematics Competency (See page 23 for information on
            how to fulfill this requirement. Course work may be needed.)

CHOICE 2:   Foreign Language (Choose 1 Subchoice)                    8 Credits
Subchoice 2A
FREN 121    Elementary French I                                              4
FREN 122    Elementary French II                                             4
Subchoice 2B
GRMN 121    Elementary German I                                              4
GRMN 122    Elementary German II                                             4
Subchoice 2C
JAPN 121    Elementary Japanese I                                            4
JAPN 122    Elementary Japanese II                                           4
Subchoice 2D
SPAN 121    Elementary Spanish I                                             4
SPAN 122    Elementary Spanish II                                            4

CHOICE 3:   International/Business Related (See Note 2)             15 Credits
ACCG 211    Principles of Accounting II                                      4
BUSN 295    Small Business Management                                        3
GEOG 200    World Regional Geography                                         4
GEOG 203    Economic Geography                                               3
HUMS 213    World Civilizations I                                            4
HUMS 214    World Civilizations II                                           4
LEGL 215    Busn Law I, Basic Principles                                     3
MGMT 101    Managmement Special Topics                                       1
MGMT 225    Principles of Management                                         3
MGMT 231    Team Development                                                 3
MGMT 237    Managing/Continual Improvement                                   3
MGMT 280    Management Internship                                            3
MKTG 101    Marketing Special Topics                                         1
MKTG 210    Marketing on the Internet                                        3
MKTG 235    Marketing Internship                                             3
POLS 270    International Relations                                          3

            MINIMUM TOTAL                                                   60

1.    Students completing "REQUIREMENTS" have fulfilled the requirements for
      this Core area.
2.    Students should confer with a Business Careers program advisor to assure
      that selection of Limited Choice courses will best fit their career

Students should see course descriptions to find out when departments plan to
offer courses.  Students who for any reason are unable to follow the course
sequence suggested below (for example, those who are part-time, have
transferred in courses from another school, or have prerequisites to fulfill)
should contact an academic advisor or counselor for help with adjustments.

I                 II                III               IV
BUSN 118          BUSN 201          ACCG 210          ECON 202
CISB 100          MGMT 234          CISB 200          Lim.Ch.2
MKTG 119          MKTG 200          ECON 201          Lim.Ch.3
SPCH 110          Lim.Ch.3          Lim.Ch.2          Lim.Ch.3
Lim.Ch.1          Lim.Ch.3          Lim.Ch.3