CURRICULAR GUIDE

Civil Technology
Associate in Applied Science Degree

Curriculum Code: 0178  (Effective Fall 2001 - Summer 2006)

Civil engineering technicians apply theory and principles of civil engineering
in planning, designing, and overseeing the construction and maintenance of
structures and facilities in the highway system.  They may work at
construction or survey sites, offices or in testing labs with engineers,
surveyors, supervisors, managers, or skilled trade workers.  The successful
civil engineering technician must have a working knowledge of college algebra
and trigonometry, civil drafting, communications, construction materials,
surveying, and must be computer literate.  Civil engineering technicians work
for construction, engineering, and architecture firms, government agencies,
mapping agencies, and private petroleum and mining companies.

Students should see the "Course Descriptions" section of this catalog or the
Course Schedule for course prerequisite information.  Basic skills assessment
and advising information may be found on page 8 of this catalog.

General education is an important part of this program and includes a
mathematics competency requirement.  To fulfill the mathematics competency
requirement, students may need to complete specific course work in
mathematics.  For information on how to fulfill all general education
requirements, see page 23.

Contact the Technology Careers Department, Gannon Vocational-Technical Center,
Room 1380, telephone number (517) 483-1336.

REQUIREMENTS                                                 TOTAL: 60 CREDITS
CODE        TITLE                                                 CREDIT HOURS
CIVL 101    Civil Drafting                                                   4
CIVL 120    Surveying                                                        4
CIVL 124    Route Survey                                                     4
CIVL 131    Traffic Technology                                               3
CIVL 132    Construction Materials                                           5
CIVL 135    Soils Technology                                                 3
CIVL 136    Hydrology and Highway Tech                                       5
CIVL 200    Civil Mathematics                                                5
CIVL 241    Statics/Strength of Materials                                    5
GRET 203    Beginning MicroStation                                           3
MATH 114    Technical Math I                                                 4
MATH 115    Technical Math II                                                4
PHYS 200    Applied Physics                                                  4
SOCL 120    Introduction to Sociology                                        4
SPCH 120    Dynamics of Communication                                        3

LIMITED CHOICE REQUIREMENTS                                   TOTAL: 6 CREDITS
Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.

CHOICE 1:   General Education Core Areas                             6 Credits
(See the "GENERAL EDUCATION" section above)
            Writing Core Area                                                3
            Speech Communication Core Area (See Note 1)                      0
            Science/Technology Core Area                                     3
            Global Perspectives and Diversity Core Area (See Note 1)         0
            Mathematics Competency (See Note 1)

            MINIMUM TOTAL                                                   66

1.    Students completing "REQUIREMENTS" have fulfilled the requirements for
      this Core area.
2.    Students who are interested in practical field experience may apply for
      the Student Civil Technician Co-op Program. Contact the Technology
      Careers Co-op Coordinator at 483-1383.

Students should see course descriptions to find out when departments plan to
offer courses.  Students who for any reason are unable to follow the course
sequence suggested below (for example, those who are part-time, have
transferred in courses from another school, or have prerequisites to fulfill)
should contact an academic advisor or counselor for help with adjustments.

I                 II                III               IV
CIVL 131          CIVL 101          CIVL 124          CIVL 132
MATH 114          CIVL 120          GRET 203          CIVL 136
SPCH 120          CIVL 135          MATH 115          CIVL 241
Lim.Ch.           CIVL 200          PHYS 200
Lim.Ch.                             CIVL 124