CURRICULAR GUIDE

Architectural Technology, Computer Graphics Option
Associate in Applied Science Degree

Curriculum Code: 0226  (Effective Fall 1999 - Summer 2004)

This architectural degree option places emphasis on the development of
computer aided design and drafting skills, which supplements a student's basic
knowledge of architecture technology.  This option provides students with a
working knowledge of and the opportunity to work with the latest CAD softwares
in use in today's architectural offices.  Basic, advanced, and independent
study courses are taught using the major computer software systems: AutoCAD,
DataCAD, MicroStation, and AES.  Not all courses in this program transfer to
all colleges.  Students planning to transfer should see an academic advisor or
counselor before enrolling in any course.

Students should see the "Course Descriptions" section of this catalog or the
Course Schedule for course prerequisite information.  Basic skills assessment
and advising information may be found on page 8 of this catalog.

General education is an important part of this program and includes a
mathematics competency requirement.  To fulfill the mathematics competency
requirement, students may need to complete specific coursework in mathematics. 
For information on how to fulfill all general education requirements, see page

Contact the Architectural Studies Center, Gannon Vocational-Technical Center,
Room 450, telephone number (517) 483-1327.

REQUIREMENTS                                                 TOTAL: 26 CREDITS
CODE        TITLE                                                 CREDIT HOURS
ARCH 101    Architectural Drafting I                                         4
ARCH 102    Architectural Drafting II                                        4
ARCH 121    Visual Communication I                                           3
ARCH 201    Architectural Drafting III                                       4
ARCH 271    Structural Theory                                                4
BLDT 281    BOCA/Uniform Code                                                3
MATH 121    College Algebra I                                                4

LIMITED CHOICE REQUIREMENTS                               TOTAL: 44-45 CREDITS
Complete the indicated number of credits from each CHOICE listed below.
CHOICE 1:   General Education Core Areas                            12 Credits
(See the "GENERAL EDUCATION" section above)
            Writing Core Area                                                3
            Speech Communication Core Area                                   3
            Science/Technology Core Area                                     3
            Global Perspectives and Diversity Core Area                      3
            Mathematics Competency (See Note 1)

CHOICE 2:   Computer Graphics                                       18 Credits
ARCH 221    Architectural DataCAD I                                          4
ARCH 222    Architectural DataCAD II                                         4
ARCH 225    Arch DataCAD Independent Study                                 1-4
ARCH 231    Architectural AutoCAD I                                          4
ARCH 232    Architectural AutoCAD II                                         4
ARCH 235    Arch AutoCAD Independent Study                                 1-4
ARCH 237    Arch Computer Rendering                                          3
ARCH 251    Architectural MicroStation I                                     4
ARCH 252    Architectural MicroStation II                                    4
ARCH 255    MicroStation Independent Study                                 1-4

CHOICE 3:   History and Preservation                                 3 Credits
ARCH 141    Architectural History I                                          3
ARCH 142    Architectural History II                                         3
ARCH 146    Preser/Adaptive Reuse Architec                                   3

CHOICE 4:   Materials, Structures and Systems                      7-8 Credits
ARCH 273    Environmental Systems                                            4
ARCH 276    Alternative Structures                                           3
ARCH 278    Energy Efficient Design                                          4
ARCH 283    Materials of Construction                                        4
BLDT 277    Construction Cost Estimating                                     4

CHOICE 5:   Architectural Related (See Note 2)                       4 Credits
            MINIMUM TOTAL                                                   70

1.    Students completing "REQUIREMENTS" have fulfilled the requirements for
      this Core area.
2.    Allows completion of courses which relate to specific career preparation
      for the field of architectural computer graphics and have not been
      applied in any of the above categories.

Students should see course descriptions to find out when departments plan to
offer courses.  Students who for any reason are unable to follow the course
sequence suggested below (for example, those who are part-time, have
transferred in courses from another school, or have prerequisites to fulfill)
should contact an academic advisor or counselor for help with adjustments.
I                 II                III               IV
ARCH 101          ARCH 102          ARCH 201          Lim.Ch.
ARCH 121          ARCH 271          Lim.Ch.           Lim.Ch.
MATH 121          BLDT 281          Lim.Ch.           Lim.Ch.
Lim.Ch.           Lim.Ch.           Lim.Ch.           Lim.Ch.
Lim.Ch.           Lim.Ch.           Lim.Ch.