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Excelling as a New Manager or Supervisor

This 24-hour, comprehensive program for those with new management or supervisory responsibilities is anchored on a foundation of essential skills, providing a consistent leadership language for your organization. Participants will be engaged in a highly interactive learning environment using a competency-based approach for developing leadership ability. As a result of this course, inexperienced leaders will develop vital skills necessary for every successful leader.   
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Modules (See descriptions below):

Each module is 4 hours.
* Communicating for Leadership Success
* Behavioral Styles and Their Impact in the Workplace
* Driving Change
* Coaching for Peak Performance
* Resolving Workplace Conflict
* Attitude is Everything

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Achieve results through others by building strong relationships with team members.
  • Identify the four behavioral styles in order to to discover and understand the strengths associated with your work style and the work styles of others.
  • Provide proactive coaching for success and support for improvement.
  • Provide effective feedback to continue to encourage innovative ideas.
  • Involve others in the change process to minimize resistance and maximize commitment.
  • Monitor personal disagreements and intra-team disputes to prevent escalating conflict.
  • Recognize when there is an attitude problem and the steps necessary to correct it.

Module Descriptions:

Communicating for Leadership Success is the foundation for each of our leadership certificates. You will learn how to get results through people. Tools necessary for a successful "leadership journey" will be presented.

Behavioral Styles and Their Impact in the Workplace  presents opportunities to discover and understand the strengths associated with your work style and the work styles of others. The DiSC personal profile system will be utilized to increase each participant's awareness and understanding of the four primary behavioral styles and their effect on interpersonal interactions and relationships. Strategies to bring out the best in others will be discovered.

Driving Change
This training focuses on the crucial role leaders have in effectively exploring change, introducing change, and helping others overcome resistance typically associated with change. Leaders learn how to conduct effective change discussions that minimize the potentially negative effects of change on morale, processes, and productivity.

Coaching for Peak Performance
Introduces skills for guiding individuals and teams toward achieving successful results. Leaders learn the importance of helping people learn from successes rather than mistakes, how to balance seeking and telling, and how to conduct an effective coaching discussion.

Resolving Workplace Conflict
Enables leaders to recognize signs of conflict, assess the conflict to determine their level of involvement, and serve as a catalyst to encourage those involved in the conflict to achieve resolution. Leaders learn the skill to both provide support and to act as mediators.

Attitude is Everything
Creating and maintaining a healthy attitude is imperative to the success of an individual as well as an entire organization. A positive environment can increase productivity and improve morale, quality, customer satisfaction, etc. However, at any given time, there can be individuals or groups of individuals who delight in depositing their negativity here and there. If not detected and eliminated quickly, this attitude can spread throughout the organization with alarming speed. This program will provide participants with the tools to recognize when there is an attitude problem and the steps necessary to correct it.

What participants had to say...

"We have become a more cohesive management team that can better communicate with each other and with our individual work teams. Thanks BCI!"
 -- Dan Phillips, Director of Rehabilitation Services, Sparrow Hospital

"Knowing the difference between thoughtful business leadership and the kind that happens seemingly by accident is critical - this program is a MUST for anyone in any type of leadership role.-- Keith Hoffman, Symmetry Medical Inc-Jet

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