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Emerging as a New Supervisor or Leader

Oftentimes, business leaders have on-the-job experience but may have received little formal leadership training. This 16 hour - program provides a strong foundation of important supervisory skills that can truly help experienced and inexperienced leaders alike.

This 16-hour program includes the following four topics:

  • DiSC: Understanding Yourself and Others - which helps participants learn the four behavioral styles and understand the strengths associated with each work style.
  • Communicating for Leadership Success - teaches the essential interaction skills that are critical to leadership success.
  • Mentoring Team for Success - helps leaders handle both proactive and reactive coaching discussions.
  • Attitude is Everything - provides participants with the tools to recognize when there is an attitude problem and the steps necessary to correct it.

Registration Dates:
March 23rd, 2016 through April 26th, 2016

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