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Creating an Inclusionary Workforce

Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

Working effectively across cultures and languages requires tools and skills. In today's workplace, differences in attitudes, values, and communication styles can create misunderstandings and trigger conflicts that reduce morale, teamwork and productivity. These differences need not be barriers to success, but rather, opportunities that can bring new skills and new perspectives to any organization.

In this interactive, 8-hour program, you will develop the skills necessary to build an organization that values people from many backgrounds, encourages the skills and talents of your workforce, and grows employee participation and involvement in the organization.

You will:

Explore differences:

  • Discuss the importance of communicating effectively to enhance your impact in the workplace.
  • Identify the impact of attitudes and behaviors in the workplace.
  • Explore the personal and practical needs that people of diverse cultures bring to interactions to develop your own cultural intelligence.
  • Identify and discuss your personal behavior and interaction techniques with team members.

Appreciate and nurture differences: Learn to make diversity work.

  • Explain the importance of diversity as a business strategy.
  • Identify organizational traits that support diversity.
  • Demonstrate what to say and do when cultural differences impact jobs and working relationships.

Leverage differences to foster inclusion:

  • Develop a vision of success in your workplace where the organization values people from many backgrounds, improving morale, and enhancing performance.
  • Develop strategies that help minimize conflict, strengthen collaboration, and build skills for doing business across culture and languages.
  • Create an action plan for growing employee participation and involvement in the organization.

Who should Attend:

All employees.


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