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Lean Solutions


The following are some of the many programs BCI has developed as recommended Lean solutions for the most common business issues. We are continuously adding training programs. If you do not see what you need, please ask!

Providing Lean Solutions in the following key areas:

* Improving Workplace Organization (5S)
* Lean Simulation for Manufacturing - "War on Waste"
* Principles of Workflow Analysis and Redesign
* Lean Transformation Foundation Skills
* Kaizen/Continuous Improvement
* Improving Performance in Healthcare: A Roadmap to Healthcare Excellence
* Lean Healthcare Applied, Lean Healthcare Simulation
* Lean Office, Lean ERP, Lean Core Processes, Lean IT
* Lean Overview
* Lean Prevention
* Asset Management
* Quality Control
* Rapid Change-over
* Emerging Leadership Academy
* Advanced Leadership Academy
* Transformational Leadership
* Work of Leaders (DiSC)

Training can be customized to meet your company's needs. Contact any of our Business Development Managers or call the BCI office at (517) 483-1857.

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