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Improving Workplace Organization

Working Organizations across all industries are being challenged to provide continually improving products and services while lowering their costs. This can be accomplished by eliminating waste and improving consistency in the workplace using a "5S" system.

5S is a system of sorting, straightening, shining, standardizing and sustaining that involves everyone in the organization. This 8-hour, activity-based workshop fully engages participants while learning this step-by-step approach. Participants will come away with a clear roadmap, including forms, training, tools, and techniques to implement 5S in their organizations.

As a result of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe 5S and explain how it is used to improve quality, on-time delivery, morale, safety and the bottom line.
  • Develop and implement a 5S system, including red tagging, schedules, audits and training
  • Develop and implement an effective process for reward and recognition.


  • Site wide 5S implementation plan
  • Documented process for red tagging, including guidelines for disposition of items.
  • 5S schedule with template
  • 5S audit process with audit checklist
  • One-point lesson for 5S (a one-on-one training tool used to train new employees on an ongoing basis)
  • Documented strategy for reward/recognition and an escalation process for meeting minimum requirements

About our new Lean Bronze Certification Prep series:

Improving Workplace Organization is the first in a series of eight one-day, activity-based workshops that will lead your organization to operational excellence. You will leave each workshop with clear action steps to apply directly to your workplace, and the series provides a roadmap for a sustained journey to Lean thinking.

Pre- and post-work is part of the program in order to help you transform your business practices more quickly and effectively. Participants are expected to implement each strategy and report their progress. Interactive groups review tactical lean principles in order to share ideas about key lean concepts.

Targeted Audience: Companies from all industries interested in implementing Lean transformation. This series is appropriate whether you are preparing for a certification or are simply interested in quick tips that you can apply now toward solidifying a foundation of principles to guide organizational decisions, provide more value for your customers, and apply the strengths of each employee.


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