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Meeting critical talent development needs of Financial Services Professionals:

In the United States, almost every company that previously described itself as a bank, insurance company, or brokerage house now describes themselves in some way as a financial services institution. A healthy financial services industry can facilitate economic growth by channeling financial resources to their most productive uses. Identifying strategies to maintain competitiveness and poise an organization for growth is what we're about at the Business & Community Institute (BCI) at Lansing Community College.

Training programs available through the BCI focus on the highly-specialized skills needed by today's financial services professionals. BCI partners with institutions in the financial services community to provide employee development programs and other services. Gaps in leadership development, workplace assessment, the application of technology and controls are all current issues that the BCI can help address to enhance employee and organization performance.

Services are delivered on-site, online, or on campus. Identifying methods to address workforce challenges and strategies to maintain optimal performance is our goal. Put the BCI to work for you today!

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Contact Kristin Angel Carson, BCI's Business Development Manager specializing in Financial Services, for more information. Kristin is available at (517) 483-1741 or

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