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JavaScript Programming

The first part of this course introduces students to the JavaScript language and its use in developing interactive web pages. The student will learn how to use variables, operators, and conditional statements in their scripts. Hands-on labs will teach how to work with clocks and calendars, validate user input in forms, react to events such as a mouse click, and controlling the opening and closing of windows and frames.

The second part will build upon the basics of JavaScript. The student will learn how to add DHTML into their web pages, manipulate DOM elements, use AJAX to parse and work with XML data, as well as more advanced techniques of working with custom objects, multi-dimensional arrays, and cookies. The student will also work extensively with the string object and use pattern matching with regular expressions.


Students should have knowledge of HTML and a basic understanding of web page objects.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • What JavaScript is and its use in web page design
  • How to use variables, operators, and conditional statements
  • What a function is and how to use them
  • How to embed the time and date in a web page
  • How to validate form elements
  • How to attach events to elements
  • How to open and close windows and frames

Who Should Attend:

Web developers who need to use JavaScript in their web pages.

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